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PotDrive is innovating. Preparing for what the market will look like three years from now.
We are pushing boundaries. Connecting markets. Creating new opportunities for the entire supply chain.

Connecting Markets

Location-aware applications that deliver real-time information to consumers, connecting them with dispensaries, delivery services, service professionals, doctors, industry news and more.


New levels of insight

Next gen discovery leveraging machine learning and 3D analytics


Precise audience targeting

Driving relevant traffic and boosting wallet share in real time.


Online / offline connection

Analyzing response with real time, multi-channel A/B testing.


Intelligent decision engine

Filtering out noise and delivering quality traffic for results.


Next generation discovery...

...leveraging machine learning and 3D analytics.

Industry news

PotDrive, Inc. is excited to deliver the most comprehensive and innovative information platform in the cannabis community. Partnered with the most prominent semantic technology company in the world today, PotDrive delivers a platform that learns your habits as you learn about the cannabis industry in real time.

Semantic Technology

With the introduction of proprietary Semantic Technology, PotDrive is poised to become the go-to resource for the entire cannabis community. 


A case for dynamic semantic publishing 

Dynamic semantic publishing is exciting. It is a win-win solution for both readers and publishers. Harnessing the power of semantic technologies, this approach enables a well-organized and cost-effective management of content assets.


The business benefits of smarter content

One of the most enticing advantages that semantically enriched content provides for organizations is interconnectedness. By semantic enrichment, data becomes reusable, easy-to-search and ready to be interlinked in innumerable combinations.    


Recommendations and Personalization

The dynamic semantic publishing platform architecture is oriented towards availability and consistency. The DSP includes a recommendation engine, which can be used to serve relevant content and ads, either solely on context, or on user behavior, or both.


Business Solutions

PotDrive, Inc. delivers one of the fastest growing and most innovative advertising and point of sale platforms in the cannabis industry. Learn how we can help drive quality traffic to your business today.


Point of Sale Solutions

Publishing Solutions

    Seeking Investors

    The cannabis space is set to explode with every aspect of the supply chain seeing dramatic growth over the past 36 months with no sign of slowing. PotDrive is seeking a select few qualified investors to partner with us. 

    Join us as we blaze the trail of technolgy development for the cannabis space with state-of-the-art tools that connect consumers to retailers in innovative ways, generating real results. Be part of a national brand in the making!

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